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Wool Desk Pad - 20" x 34"

Regular price $120.00

Wool Desk Pad - 20" x 34"

Regular price $120.00
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Product Details

Simple yet Significant

The Mutti and Klaus Wool Desk Pad brings visual structure and luxurious softness to your day-to-day work. The Wool Designer Felt adds warmth and sophistication. Fine Grain Cork lines the base, protecting your desk and keeping your hardware in place. Offered in three sizes to accommodate all types of workspaces. 

Designed and handcrafted in Canada.
Made from 100% Wool Designer Felt and Fine Grain Cork.

Considerations: Designer Felt is made from wool sourced from free-roaming sheep. Due to the natural origin of the material, slight color variation and inclusions of natural fibers on the surface of the material may occur.

Length: 34” (86cm)
Width: 20” (51cm)
Thickness: Approx. 1/8” (3mm)

Sustainability and Environment

Mutti and Klaus products are made from 100% Wool Designer Felt milled in Germany.

Made From Nature
Wool is a natural fiber, harvested from free-roaming sheep and known for its durability, resistance to flame and liquid, and excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Wool Designer Felt is biodegradable, 100% VOC free, contains no chemical irritants, is free of harmful substances, contributes to LEED©, and is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Planet-Friendly, Renewable Materials
Our materials are fueled by sunshine, grass, and grain. Designer Felt wool is sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Every year, sheep are sheared during the warmer months and grow a new fleece for the coming winter.

Mutti and Klaus products are made from Fine Grain Cork harvested in Portugal. Cork is a biodegradable material collected from cork oak trees growing in the Western Mediterranean Basin. The cork is harvested by carefully removing the tree bark without damaging the tree’s surface. The cork production process also operates on very little waste, and leftover cork is recycled back into raw material.

Care Instructions

How to Spot Clean Your Wool Desk Pad

So, you’ve just settled into your workspace when - whoops! - is that a fresh coffee spill on your beautiful wool mat? Don’t worry; accidents happen. We’ll show you the 3 simple steps to keeping your Wool Desk Pad looking like new:

  1. Spot clean the affected area by dabbing with a microfiber cloth. Absorb as much of the spill as possible.
  2. Once the majority of the residue has been removed with the microfiber cloth, place the stained area under cool running water. Let the water run over the area for at least 30 seconds to allow the cool water to permeate.
  3. After the stain has been diluted, dab the excess water with a fresh microfiber cloth or towel. When the area is damp to the touch, leave the mat to air-dry for 24 hours.

Wool felt is inherently moisture resistant. Water spilled on wool will pool and bead before being absorbed into the felt product. Also, the alignment of wool fibers in the felting process makes moisture permeation more difficult. That being said, if an area of the wool is constantly agitated through scrubbing, that area’s moisture resistance will decrease over time.

To help preserve your wool product’s natural moisture resistance, we recommended cleaning as soon as you notice a spill. The longer a spill sits on the wool, the more work it will take to remove it.

For more stubborn stains, please consult our Extended Guide.